At Vent Systems, all our operations and employments are in line with local and international regulatory requirements that apply to the company’s business and operations. For that matter we have implemented a Compliance Course whose purpose is to bring employees up to date with workplace requirements, rules and regulations.

Unethical behavior is not tolerated and it is our duty to report it. In case of misconduct, or in cases where there is a question on what is the right thing to do, our management and/or the legal representatives are the ones to contact.

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Ethic management

Vent Systems supports the idea of successful cooperation with business partners and fair behaviour within the market. Our ethics management manual contains our principles and values as a declaration of basic values and serves as guidance in our code of conduct. 

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Code of conduct

The obligations implied with our Code of Conduct are binding for all Vent Systems employees, including all affiliated companies in Germany, Croatia and abroad. Suppliers, service providers and subcontractors are bound by contractual agreements to respect our principles. 

The following areas are of particular importance: 

  • Occupational health and safety 
  • Corruption prevention
  • Gifts and contributions 
  • Donations and sponsorships 
  • Avoidance of conflicts of interest 
  • Environmental protection and sustainability
  • Rejection of illegal employment relationships
  • Compliance with the rules for the protection of free competition
  • Export and import 
  • Combating money laundering 
  • Documentation of operational procedures 
  • Handling company property 
  • Confidentiality 
  • No discrimination 
  • Data protection 
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