The secret ingredient to our success? Our people. 

In order to attract and retain talents, we put a lot of focus on positioning Vent Systems as an attractive employer. 

Loyalty and professionalism are the keys to succeeding in our company. Rather than bringing in new personnel, we prefer to reward and promote our own people to fill management vacancies.

That’s why we constantly invest in our employees, to develop their skills, keep them motivated and help them achieve their potential. We do so by providing education, top quality tools and equipment, unique projects, as well as above industry average salaries combined with top perks and benefits. 

At Vent Systems, we put great emphasis on mutual respect, encouragement and cooperation. Providing a constructive and supportive environment has proven to be crucial for the effectiveness of our employees, clients’ satisfaction and a catalyst to our company’s growth. 

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Grow with us

Working on great projects with a professional, dynamic and inspiring team sounds interesting? Tackling and solving challenges alongside with ambitious and committed industry experts? A constructive and motivating environment is of utmost importance to you?

You’re in the right place and you can become a part of it. 

When hiring at Vent Systems, we value experience. Although, if you demonstrate a wish to learn and improve, we are willing to give you a fair shot even with no experience whatsoever. Whenever we take on new people, we focus on providing a seamless onboarding experience. We guide and support you on a daily basis, help you gain new experiences, increase your knowledge and sharpen your skills. We invest and help our people develop as individuals and professionals. For us, that’s the only right way.

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Discover opportunities

The various projects we are involved with come with lots of challenges and require a vast array of different skills and talents. But we are aware that where there are challenges, there are also opportunities to grasp. It’s why we are always open to suggestions and new solutions, and are more than willing to hear everyone out.

Regardless of whether you’re a professional with 10 years of experience or a creative college student, if you feel you can contribute to our company and you’re passionate about what you do, we will find a place for you on our team. 

At the moment, we’re looking for motivated and professional people that will join us and help us grow further. 

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Evaluation and Appraisal

Regular evaluation and annual appraisal

At Vent Systems you will experience a fair and competitive reward system. We implement an evaluation system based on which we offer various incentives, ranging from performance bonuses, advanced training courses, annual prizes and promotions. The evaluation system also helps us identify employee development and growth opportunities.

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Health & Safety

Safety and health in the workplace is of paramount importance at Vent Systems. It’s why we provide world class tools and equipment, as well as regular health checkups for every single employee. We put a lot of effort in enabling a safe working environment and expect everyone to contribute by being responsible and reliable in terms of work and to each other.

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Why us?

The happiness and motivation of our employees is essential to us. We are aware that our growth and success depends on attracting and retaining quality people as well as developing the talents of our employees. It’s why we offer great incentives, education and career opportunities while making sure that loyalty and high performance are always rewarded.

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